Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Ard Boyz Battle Report Mission 1

Brief walk through of scenario/game 1 yesterday.

Scenario 1:
Minor Victory (13VP) 2 Objectives to his 1, 2 contested
+3 BP modifiers (earned all but the last)
Opponent: Space Wolves with roughly the following list:

2xRune Priest(in infantry squad)
1xWolf Lord(in bike squad)

5xWolf Guard(in infantry squad)

5x10man Gray Hunters plasma and melta squads in rhinos

2x 2 Multi-Melta/Heavy flamer Land speeders (4 total)

3x 5 man long fang squads(2xLC, 3xML each)

Lots of power fists and power weapons throughout the army
*: I apologize that I do not have any pictures available, but I was 1. Preoccupied with the games and 2. My phone (camera) was being used as a game timer for the tournament.
**Note: The individual I played is a good friend of mine and he outdid himself. In particular his deployment was very well executed and I give him full credit to holding me to a minor victory.

He pulls first turn and I start in reserves. He sets his position on the field for 2 turns swarming all of the objectives.

Turn 2: I come in with about 2/3 of my army and push half of those units towards the three objectives on the right and the remainder towards the two objectives on the left.

***Critical mistake: I was suckered into shooting two units of multi-melta attack bikes at a small squad of boosted wolf bikes. This opened them for a counter assault which had them fall off the table edge in the following turn.

Coming in off the table edge on the right I took some pot shots with razorbacks and parked a rhino(popped smokes) in front of them but wasn't looking to do much damage. On the left side, there were 2 units of long fangs parked in a bastion with a rhino underneath them. I moved in with 2 units of infantry. My terminators failed to come in.

Turn 3: He pulls most of his units to the right side of the board (3 objectives) and takes some pot shots at my transports. Ends up killing my attack bikes in CC.

My terminators come in, so on the left side I disembarked with my terminators hoping to get an assault off, but I failed to roll a difficult terrain distance long enough to assault. On the right side I mistakenly drop some plasma units out too early and they do nothing, but are exposed. I again do little with my razorbacks (I believe I stunned a squad of land speeders).

Turn 4: Right side: He immobilizes his rhino trying to drive into some area terrain. He assaults my exposed plasma squads and destroys them.

Right side, I start to move up with my razorbacks/rhinos I drop out a flamer unit and another plasma unit and torrent his now 3 units in the area terrain on that side. I end up killing most of the units over there and follow up the assault with my librarian. I move up on the left side of the board (2 objectives) and sweep both units of long fangs (1 with some sisters the other with my termies).

Turn 5: Right side, close combat between both of us. Left side he runs towards the back objective with his rhino and I fail to destroy it (stun it instead). He's surrounded so he cannot disembark.

Turn 6: He contests an objective on the right with 2 land speeders (ends up staying contested). And he also immobilizes my right side razorback. I sweep an empty rhino into the middle to contest an objective. I fail to contest his back objective on the right side (9 S5 I5 PW attacks and a bunch of non-PW S5 I5 attacks failed to harm a single gray hunter so my unit was unable to get quite within 3" of the back objective.

I'm able to pop his stubborn left side rhino with my Land raider's assault cannon (Multi-Melta shot missed). All of his infantry inside are unable to disembark due to being surrounded and are therefore destroyed and I claim that objective.

Overall, the first game was mistake prone (been about a month since I got a game in and was not focussed). I'm pleased at how well my friend was able to do, but feel that I should have been more on the ball. I apologize for the rough report format, but this is a brief synopsis...I'll get to the other two scenarios when I have a free moment.

Thoughts? How did everyone else fair?

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