Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tournaments: When and Where

I encourage competitive players to know when and where events of interest take place. Especially official Indie events. As for individuals who have not yet attended a prize-based competitive event, I recommend checking out your FLGS to see if competitive play is for you. FLGS glory may instill in you a fervor to attend larger events.

2011 Vegas qualifying tournament circuit information:

2010-2011 Qualifying tournament circuit list:

2010-2011 Circuit winners (it pays to know your worst enemies):

'Ard Boyz tournament info (starts May 15th at 2,500 pts/army):

GW recommended event guidelines (it's important to know what to expect in terms of setup and scoring):

Direct link to GW scorecard PDF:

I've posted these links, because each has very significant tournament information and GW has them in the deep shadowed corners of their website. Most people don't even know such pages/information exists. This is one area where GW needs to seriously step up their game if they intend to run a competitive Circuit. I personally recommend that, in time, they dedicate an easy to read portion of their 40k page to competitive tournament information.

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